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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Attitude to the United States: 8 out of 10 Cats........

The press today reported that there is a dissatisfaction with the UKs relationship with the United States. 68% of those questioned thought the US presence in the middle east provoked conflict etc.

Changing Futures was the 2nd in a trilogy of works submitted to UN and Government reports trying to dissuade the UK Government from invading Iraq. "It will all end in tears". Quite simply as your mother would have said.

The 3rd addressed the UK relationship with the US in the build up to war. The UNED-UK summarised them as it as ‘questioning UK response to the USA not agreeing to Kyoto Protocol...... Relationship between north (UK and USA) and south (Ethiopia)........strength and capacity of the UK.

This is the final part of the trilogy dated 8th January 2003

Is the UKs Relationship With America the Cause of Many of Our Society's Problems

The UK was the first country in the world to enter and lead the Industrial Era of global development.
Much of the science, technology, commercial, financial, political and institutional processes that took the world into the industrial age originated in the UK.

At this point in America Davy Crocket hadn't got round to fighting the Mexicans yet.

Much of the model and strategy that America used when it went and entered its industrialised phase of development came from what the UK had already developed and gone through.

The UK had already had a global empire or was in the process of building it up.

Like children countries have to grow up and develop, it is the nature of change.

The UK has finished its secondary education and now needs to go to university.

America is a much younger country it is now leaving primary education and needs to start secondary school.

For some reason the UK wants to hang around with its much younger friend. There is no problem with a 19 year old being friendly and getting on with a 11 year old.

The trouble comes when the 19 year old starts spending all its time with the 11 year old doing the things it wants.

If the 11 year old is a bit of a bully and starts stealing sweets from the other kids in its class and one of them turns round and gives it a slap. A 19 doesn't go into the playground and join in with its friend.

Far better if its worried about 11 year olds to carry on with its education and become a teacher and lead by example.

19 year olds hanging round with 11 year olds stagnate, they stop getting on with their own life. They need to do things a 20 or a 21 year old does, become an adult.

America goes on and on about its economy, well let it. Does Bush ever express his concerns for the environment local or global. Britain has been through that.

Britain needs to continue its development for itself. But in doing that by virtue of its leading edge position in global development it must also be the world leader in post-industrial, third phase, ecological sustainable development. The next step after the industrial era.

British society is bored and listless, because Britain is playing in last centuries back yard with an 11 year old. Waiting for the 11 year old to grow up.

Britain is stagnating and falling apart beacause it has forgotten that it is the leader and where it goes eventually America will follow.

Britain has lost leadership in itself. It has forgotten to be innovative, creative and bold in its journey into the frontier of the future.

The world does then not have a leader, it too stagnates and falls apart in quarrels and bickering. Instead of Britain saying "well we are moving on", it holds itself back joining in.

Britain wastes its time trying to tart up and patch yesterdays ideas. That is what Britain has never been about.

Britain needs to be starting today and building the path to tommorrow, then walk the walk. Once Britain changes and moves the rest will follow, then the world will be dragged out of the mire it's in.

Does anyone else think differently?

Roger Thomas
8th January 2003

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