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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

The Bird Flu Analysis Part 1: From Prime Minister Tony Blair and Government Approved Source for FMD

MRSA is a hospital Superbug. When you go to the Post Office to tax your car, do you catch MRSA? When you go to the pub or the night club, do you catch MRSA? When you are sitting at home watching Dancing on Ice or whatever floats your boat, do you catch MRSA? The answer is no. How do you know? The answer is because the government does not send out teams of ‘Bio-Security’ personnel to isolate and disinfect all these areas of your life to stop MRSA and all the other life threatening superbugs in our hospitals. Bio-security is ‘highlighted’ in irony because it is one of the buzzwords of the week.

A hospital is a relatively sealed structure, with a high density of living organisms contained within it ie people and a high use of antibiotics and other drugs used there .Unfortunately in a hospital is where you have a potentially higher chance of dying from MRSA or other superbug. This is the reason why you are not warned about the dangers of catching MRSA by the government in a post office, in a pub, or while walking on a Sunday in the countryside is because it doesn’t happen. Outside of a hospital you are in the ‘wild’.

So Bird Flu has occurred in the UK again. Where has it occurred? In a sealed ‘bio-secure’, turkey farm. A intensive poultry unit has high concentrations of living organisms, in a sealed unit and high usage of antibiotics and other drugs. Exactly the same conditions as a hospital.

Yet the ‘scientists’ and government are pointing the finger at wild bird populations for the source of the H51N superbug. Whenever have you heard the NHS or the government point the finger for deaths in hospitals from MRSA to the local post office or pub? Never.

Now I live in Perthshire Scotland. If you don’t know Perthshire it is difficult to explain. Try God made Perthshire, then with the remnants, offcuts and waste he made the rest of the planet. We are on the M25 of migration routes. I probably see in one day more wild birds than many people see in a life time. What I never see is dead unexplained ‘wild birds’. OK I see ones a fox or a cat may have had, I see ones hit by a car, I see young fallen out of a nest. It is not just me. I have a girlfriend doing a degree in environmental and earth sciences, she misses nothing. I have a dog who will tell me if they find anything dead or out of place. Now I watch the news and the ‘pundits’ expect me to believe that a wild bird suffering from Bird Flu, what is the probability of that, flew down a ventilation shaft of an intensive turkey farm, what is the probability of that, and infected a150,000 turkeys. You must be joking, insane or taking far to many drugs to suffer such improbable delusions.

What is an ventilation vent in open surface area, we will measure it in square inches, so the only bird with Flu chose that out of the millions of square miles available, to fly down. Oh really.

So someone having a night out in a pub in Barnsley is reponsible for all the cases of MRSA in the UK. To stop MRSA in hospitals do the government disinfect all post offices and working mens clubs in Yorkshire.

Outside of the turkey farm the wild bird population is happily going about it’s business as it has done for millions of years. Free range chickens are shown are on TV healthily pecking about all day.

So what does the government advise. You get the free range birds and lock them up in intense conditions, inside sealed buildings. Yes take your healthy free range birds and put them in conditions which exactly recreate the conditions the only place where Bird Flu has been found.

With that I will leave Bird Flu for tonight, but this subject will be back tomorrow. Please if you have any comments, please leave them.

If you are wondering about the title. It was me who sorted out Foot and Mouth for the Prime Minister and the Government. Good of him to send me a letter acknowledging, and for his Ministers to quote word for word from my work. Work which is and has been for a while in the science libraries of the biggest organisations involved with the 2001 FMD epidemic.

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