It was suggested by Perth Business Gateway to rewrite the 2001 proposal to use the Millennium Dome as a global environmental management centre, this time relevant for Scotland in 2006. The outline executive summary, Scotland:The World's First Ecological Superpower, was produced. The next stage is to implement it, what do you think?

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

From Scotland to Greenwich via Westminster: Flood, Domes and Jeers

While over in Millennium Dome land Greenwich Watch, Cllr Nigel Fletcher and Iain Dale expose the secret congestion charge, the Daily Mail report on the big secret facing Greenwich and the rest of London. Thames to Flood in 8 Years, a little warning from Sir Nicholas Stern.

Has somebody been asking questions? Letter to Greenwich MPs and Councillors, let the political representatives of Greenwich know the Government were told about the flood threat to London and had the solutions in April 2001. Behind all this SNP MP Pete Wishart has written to Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, regarding the criteria of assessment in the Millennium Dome competition. That’s SNP, the same political party that started the ‘cash for peerages’ investigation.

Back to the Daily Mail and political editor Benedict Brogan reveals more of the tit for tat, between Chancellor Gordon Brown and Sir Nicholas, in Stern’s Revenge. You can tell that ecology has become the political mainstream when ‘in-jokes’ are made about it.

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