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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Cameron Smokes Dope

Not a potential future post election tabloid headline should "call me Dave" oust the next Labour leader, but a reference to this mornings reports that Conservative leader smoked cannabis while at Eton.

Dave Cameron later gave a brief statement outside his house not denying the news merely saying politicians have a right to a life before they entered politics. Quite rightly he also made a lot of sense. Bizarrely he then said as a politician the media could stick a camera up his nose, carrying on to say they could even film him cooking the Sunday dinner, then almost did a waffle about why there might be a number of reasons why that might not be a good idea, but somehow lost what he was going to say in an attack of vagueness, seemingly experiencing 'short term memory loss'. Was Dave just having a bit of fun at the expense of the not full awake Sunday morning media?

What is the betting that some of those reporters who wrote the Sunday morning splash of 'Dave's had a spliff', haven't had one themselves at sometime even if not the night before. So what if he has partaken of the wacky baccy, is he going to be held up as an example of failure, only ever so far in his life been elected leader of the Conservative Party. Probably the Tory election machine is now calculating have more people smoked cannabis than voted Labour at the last election.

So why should he have to admit he 'done it' but now 'regretted it'. Do we as a society refuse to listen to records by the Beetles, Pink Floyd, U2 etc because they might have smoked a joint? Do we make sure any author has not taken any form of drug before we read their book? Are films banned because directors or actors may have indulged in the 'erb of the field'? (Song of Solomon, the Bible?). Should Bob Marley's Exodus be removed from the list of 100 all time best albums? Bugger me I've just dropped myself in it realising the Exodus CD is right now in my player. Does society remove from it's memory any great scientific discovery because the researcher might have had a little help from a five leafed friend?

No the spliff is an acceptable part of our culture. So why is politics singled out as the one area where it is unacceptable? Look at the mess the world is in war, terror, ecological destruction, disease and chaos. All the product from the 'mind of man', politicians who have never or refuse to admit they've smoked a joint. One definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Perhaps we should try out only politicians who admit they've sampled the Ganja. Seems to work in the other cultural fields.

Drugs may not be a drug problem, but societies. Why has evolution put receptors in the brain which only respond to cannabis? Evolution tends to be efficient and doesn't do things if they haven't a use or have been in the past, remember Darwin that process of natural selection thing. I looked up the research in Scientific American but you either need a subscription or it's outside of the digital online database. Unfortunately the New Scientist data base has crashed, probably due to all those Sunday morning journos researching. Here are some references from the
Cannabis Campaign.

While we're there
some confessions from other politicians. The Dave 'roll me another one just like the other one' Cameron story isn't going to go away, so we'll just have to keeping coming back for an update.

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